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Hi! My Name Is Jennifer Buetow, and I own MANE + MASCARA :)  We are a team of Hairstylists and Makeup Artists located throughout Florida, Wisconsin, California, and Texas. We want to help you fall in LOVE with your hair -and face! Our job is to create "Buetowful" hair and makeup, but our goal is to help you realize you can "Stay Buetowful" long after you've left our chairs. I have been in the Cosmetology industry for 10+ years and forming a team seemed inevitable from the start. I have put together, and work alongside a team of Hairstylists & Makeup Artists, therefore can accommodate your bridal party/event/photoshoot…no matter the size.  I currently divide my time (and artists!) between Los Angeles, California, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Jacksonville, Florida, and Dallas, Texas; BUT, traveling the country to style your hair or do your makeup for any special event is a dream come true.  Our team has worked countless weddings & styled hair/makeup for multiple photoshoots. Whether you need a Hairstylist or Makeup Artist for a Wedding, Photoshoot, In-Home Blow Dry Bootcamp,  Makeup Tutorial, or anything in between… give us a call, we'd love to hear from you!


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We are so pleased to be offering spray tanning in select markets! 


Jessica Johnston has over eight years of experience as a skin finish artist in Los Angeles, New York, and Indiana. Her background in painting and art has given her an edge on techniques to create the perfect tan, and her eye for color and tone allows her to create a natural and flawless, sun-kissed shade. Jessica's commitment to excellence has made her the most desired skin finish artist.

Anyone who has worked with Jessica can contest her love of artistry, attention to detail, and deisre to make the client feel at their best. Her warm personality and energized spirit make the experience feel like you are with an old friend. Jessica is passionate when it comes to health and using natural and organic products, which is why she provides only the best for her clients!

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